North American Hop Acreage Surges to New Record

2016 acreage of hops strung for harvest in North America has grown over 18% in the past year to 53,552 acres.  Commercial acreage was quantified in 29 states and seven Canadian provinces.  The report is attached. 

The Pacific Northwest led this expansion with 17% more (7,482 acres) production capacity; 51,115 acres represents a new record for the region.  According to the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service, Cascade and Centennial continue to hold the lead with 7,371 and 5,009 acres respectively, however a number of the newer proprietary varieties posted substantial gains.

Across the US, 26 additional states reported growth of over 64%, with 2,098 acres now in commercial production.  Canada also posted 32% growth with 340 acres in 7 provinces. 

Germany, the second largest hop growing country worldwide, reported in April that 45,503 acres were expected to produce hops this year.  This represents a 4,205 acre increase from 2015 for 10% growth.

The hop market has historically been quite cyclical, with previous US record acreages posted in 1981 (43,100 ac.), 1996 (44,151 ac.) and 2015 (45,138 ac.).  This contrasts with cyclical low acreages of 25,000 in 1986 and 27,946 in 2004 and 29,683 in 2012.  Growth in hop usage by brewers in recent years, particularly in the craft sector, has driven the recent expansion and encouraged growers in regions outside of the Pacific Northwest to expand  the crop.

Washington’s Yakima Valley leads US production with 37,475 acres, representing over 70% of the country’s acreage.  Oregon and Idaho follow with 7,669 and 5,971 acres respectively.  Outside of the Pacific Northwest, Michigan holds fourth place with an estimated 650 acres in production, and more under development.

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2016 HGA North American Hop Acreage Estimates

2015 HGA North American Hop Acreage Estimates