International Hop Growers' Convention

The International Hop Growers’ Convention has been set up to safeguard the common interests of hop growers. From the activity of the IHGC are excluded all political questions as also all questions not concerning the common interests of hop growers. The organisation's structure and rules may be found at its website,

Its most important activities are carried out within its  commissions:

  • Economic Commission: to collect and collate figures on hop acreage, crops, alpha acid production, hop varieties produced and a price level of hops in  member countries. Information is used for analysis and estimations of world hop industry supply;
  • Scientific Commission: to promote high scientific research results in a field of hop breeding, chemistry and quality of hops and hop diseases and pests;
  • International Harmonization and Trade Commission: to exchange information regarding the regulation of statutory provisions in the field of production and marketing.
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International Hop Congress Registration Underway

The 55th Congress of the International Hop Growers’ Convention (IHGC) is scheduled for July 26-31, 2015 at Bad Gögging, Hallertau/Bavaria/Germany.  A post-convention program is also planned for July 31-August 3, featuring additional sites in Bavaria, Salzburg and Munich.  Complete details and registration materials are available at

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