Cultivars in Cleanup Program

To view a list of cultivars currently in the NCPN-Hop cleanup program, click here. Please note: not all cultivars listed are available for distribution at this time. Those which have been verified as free of targeted pathogens have been assigned "virus free numbers" (VF#) and are candidates for distribution when available; others may still be undergoing testing, therapy, or require formal USDA release before they can be distributed.

Virus-Tested Hop Sales

Virus-tested propative material is offered for sale twice a year:

  • Winter Sale:  limited quantities of potted plants are available starting in January
  • Spring/Summer Sale:  limited quantities of unrooted green node cuttings and potted plants are available starting in June

Sales will be announced on this site, and in the USA Hop News newsletter.


Demand often exceeds supply. When this happens, NCPN-Hops will prorate the available material among those who submit their requests by the established deadline.


  • Mature potted plants $300 each
  • Unrooted green cuttings $100 for 10 (minimum 10 cuttings per variety)


Customers will be invoiced once allocations are established. Invoices must be paid in-full prior to taking delivery. Material may be picked up in-person at CPCNW in Prosser, Washington, or will be shipped via FedEx overnight at customer's expense.